The following are examples of services we provide. We adapt our inter-disciplinary skills to meet the needs of organisations, programmes, animal-owning communities and their livestock. Please contact us to discuss your project’s requirements.

Development and Innovation in Applied Animal Welfare

Design and application of innovative participatory tools for livestock health and husbandry

Adaptation of human health and social medicine approaches to the livestock development sector

Measuring Impact in Livestock Programmes

Animal auditing for project baselines and evaluations

Evaluation of livestock programmes - resources, management practices and animal outcomes

Community-led Animal Health and Production

Village animal health planning and community-based animal welfare

Setting up systems for participatory monitoring of livestock interventions

Livestock and Working Animal Project Management

Participatory livestock project management

Sharing and learning from successes and good practices - local, national and international opportunities

Training and Curriculum Development

Participatory tools for livestock health and husbandry

Technical training - veterinary and animal health, animal handling, behaviour and welfare

Curriculum development for agricultural institutes, universities, para-veterinary and community animal health worker training centres

Applied Livestock Research

Research project design and support

Literature searching and literature reviews

Scientific writing and publication

Animal Health and Welfare Policy and Legislation

Policy and legislation gap analysis

Policy research