Animals in International Development started work in January 2010. Our recent and current projects include:

Strategic reviews

Initiation and support for a Country Programme Strategic Review, Brooke Egypt, Cairo, Egypt

Strategic review workshop for the Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law Veterinary Association, UK

Strategic review workshop for Community Development Through Sport, Ibanda, Uganda

Policy workshops

Policy workshop on scaling up assessment of animal welfare outcomes in farm assurance and certification programmes and building ownership amongst producers, AssureWel Group (University of Bristol, RSPCA, Freedom Food and Soil Association Certification), UK

Policy gap analysis

Animal Welfare Legislation and Policy Gap Analysis, Animal Welfare Working Group, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Policy advisory papers

‘How do smallholder farming systems in Africa adapt to and mitigate for climate change?’: Literature review and recommendations for sustainable livestock programmes, Heifer Nederland, NL

‘Making a Sustainable Difference to Working Equine Welfare’, The Brooke, London, UK

Technical workshops, talks and seminars

Interactive workshop on participatory tools and methods at the Sixth International Colloquium on Working Equids, New Delhi, India, 29th Nov-2nd Dec 2010

Workshop for Programme Advisers on sustainable programming in community-led animal welfare, The Brooke, London, UK

Invited technical expert at FAO Expert Meeting on Working Animals, Rome, 15th - 19th June 2011

Annual interactive talks on ‘Working Animals and Climate Change’ for Commonwealth Professional Fellows (in Sustainable Energy Systems) from Kenya and Ghana, 2012-1016

Research support

Development of Resource Tiers for a positive welfare ‘Good Life Framework’ for UK dairy cattle and laying hens,  through literature review and expert consultation, AssureWel Group (University of Bristol, RSPCA, Freedom Food and Soil Association Certification), UK

Writing and editing support for scientific publications

International journal papers including participatory research into lameness in working horses and identification of pain behaviour in donkeys, University of Bristol, Department of Clinical Veterinary Science, UK